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PB Ag Consulting provides agricultural consultancy to a diverse range of crops and domestic industries across all regions of NSW. Our services can be customised to suit the individual needs of each enterprise to assist you in meeting your goals and objectives. Our services are professional, independent, reliable and economical.

Services Offered and Provided:

Soil Moisture Monitoring

This can be provided on a daily, weekly, monthly time schedule. We use many systems from manual to state of the art remote access looking at live data. We can supply and install and service systems that suit the requirements of all crops and the growers needs. Soil Moisture monitoring is critical to maximise efficiencies in both running cost and returns

Irrigation Scheduling

This services is provided with our soil moisture monitoring, Irrigation scheduling can be done daily, weekly, monthly, we look at soil moisture levels either collected manually or by remote access , interpret the data and provide irrigation recommendations that are in line with crop use and requirements at that growth stage. Correct irrigation applications maximises production and adds efficiencies to over all input cost management.

Soil Services

Soil health and balance is the first step to producing quality. We offer a fully independent analytical service, no alignment with fertilser companies. Our results come back as raw data which we provide independent interpretation and recommendations on what is best for your soil and the goals and objectives you are wanting to achieve.

We also provide a total soil service which involves soil pit analysis, soil classification, determining RAW (readily valuable water) values, infiltration rates.

All components of our soil services can be offered as individual components or customised in a package that will suit your individual requirements.

Plant Nutrition

Plant nutritional balance is critical to maximising production, managing quality and return on your investment. Nutritional requirements vary depending plant growth stage, We can provide accurate independent analytical advice and recommendations that will assist you in improving and maintain plant nutritional balance  while maximising production, quality and achieving efficiencies in input management. If you are involved in broad acre, cotton, horticulture, pasture, lucerne, viticulture, olive production or any other crop, our plant nutrition service can be tailored to suit your individual needs. 

Pest, Weed and Disease Monitoring

This service is customised to suit the requirements of crops involved. Crop inspections can be carried out twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or seasonally depending the intensive nature of the crop involved. Blocks are inspected, reports are written detailing findings and recommendations are provided in regards to implementation of control programs. End of season reports are generated or each block inspected detailing results, highlighting any issues and put forward strategies that may be required to improve production, quality for the coming season

Property Appraisals

Buying a property, looking to plant a new crop, developing intensive agriculture production systems. Not sure if property is suitable or can be improved to maximise your investment. We provide a service that can assist you in your decision making process. This service involves an intensive analysis of the property in its existing form, look at the enterprise the property has as an existing going concern or the suitability of the property for the enterprise you wish to establish. We look at the possibilities and the potential of what this property can or can not realistically achieve and the steps and process that would be required to create or maintain a sustainable production system.  A comprehensive report is provided which will assist you in your decision making process in regardsto the full potential of your existing or potential investment.

Crop and Fruit Marketing Assistance

We offer a comprehensive grape marketing service. We collate avaialble fruit for the current vintage and actively promote, source, market this fruit looking for potential purchases across all regions of Australia. The fruit is collated and listed on our fruit brokeing web site www.pbag.com.au (click on fruit brokering) updated regularly with feed back provided. For more information on this service and if wanting to list availble fruit on our web page please contact Paul on paul@pbag.com.au

Land and Crop Development Planning

Farm Input Budgeting
Bench Marking Projects
Independent Advice and Recommendations
Irrigation Management
Intensive Agricultural Sub Divisions
Contract Farm Management

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